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SPRINGFIELD, IL — The Illinois Department of Public Health launched a redesigned and enhanced  Illinois Hospital Report Card website. The website displays patient safety and quality of care information, and presents it in a more user-friendly format.

According to a news release from IDPH, the website also includes an updated Illinois Public Health Community Map, with county-level information on health outcomes and access to care across Illinois.

Dr. Sameer Vohra, director for IDPH, says the new website will help patients have more knowledge about their healthcare options, and provide more information on the health needs of their communities.

“Our goal is that these resources will provide Illinois residents, elected officials, and health care professionals with greater insight on where resources can be utilized to achieve better health for all,” says Dr. Vohra.

Currently, the Hospital Report Card tracks more than 150 measures for hospitals across Illinois. It also assesses operations of surgical treatment centers.

Users will be able to get information about what services are provided, the cost of services, patient satisfaction, patient safety, medical complications, and other quality and safety data.

IDPH also says the new website is much faster and offers other features to improve its functionality for users like:

  • Mobile Optimization: The website is designed to be fully functional with all mobile devices and is compatible with screen readers.
  • Expanded Search Capability: New geolocation and autocomplete search will help users find relevant information more quickly.
  • Expanded Data Access: Users can now download historical data, which can help them research trends in healthcare delivery. Data can be downloaded for specific metrics or by county.
  • Enhanced Facility Profiles: Hospital profiles now include more information, such as links to community health assessments.

The Hospital Report Card focuses on facility-level data, but the community map provides county-by-county information about the quality of health in Illinois communities. The map also highlights socioeconomic and racial or ethnic mistreatment that may exist.

The community map provides data in almost 100 different categories. It also details the prevalence of conditions like asthma, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, behavioral health disorders, and other conditions. The information can also be broken down by race and ethnicity.

The report card also provides tips on how to choose a healthcare facility, information about patient rights, and details on the methodology of how the report card was compiled.


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