Universal healthcare more vital after Dobbs decision

The Supreme Court decision on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization will not only personally affect every woman of childbearing age but will have profound and unintended consequences on our healthcare system and economy.

Much has been written about the effect the Dobbs decision will have on a woman’s right of privacy and control over her own body, but we should also be mindful of the negative impact Dobbs will have on our already inadequate healthcare system.

James Fieseher, MD

According to multiple sources, the United States has the worst healthcare of any industrialized nation. The three areas where our healthcare system fails us the most are: the cost is beyond the reach of over 33% of the country, it does little to promote preventive care such as prenatal care, and our infant mortality rate ranks us below several third world nations. By allowing individual states to ban abortions, those three areas are about to get worse.


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