G-Able Revolutionises Healthcare with Smart Hospital Solutions

G-Able partners with hospitals to drive healthcare transformation through innovative smart solutions.

G-Able, in collaboration with allied hospitals, is set to revolutionise the health tech landscape through the implementation of smart hospital solutions, with a projected growth rate exceeding 20%.

Backed by a proficient team specialising in enterprise solutions and services, G-Able, a prominent Thai “Tech Enabler,” has been at the forefront of delivering transformative IT and digital solutions. These solutions have empowered businesses spanning diverse industries, from SMEs to the top 10 SET-listed companies. Presently, G-Able proudly harnesses its IT expertise and world-class solution technologies to propel its healthcare allies towards the realm of smart hospitals.

Mr. U-Krit Wongsarawit, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Solution and Technology Officer of G-Able, affirmed, “Our track record of success is rooted in our role as an IT partner for leading banking and telecommunications enterprises over the last 34 years. Our strengths encompass IT infrastructure, data analytics, AI, and cybersecurity. Building upon these foundations, G-Able is committed to venturing into burgeoning industries, with a primary focus on healthcare. This sector is witnessing a burgeoning trend that demands adept professionals capable of managing vast-scale data for timely utilisation. Our noteworthy achievements include pivotal contributions to a national healthcare project, utilising our technology and human resources. Bolstered by these accomplishments, we are confident that G-Able’s solutions and capabilities will foster substantial growth in the healthcare market, exceeding 20%. This aligns harmoniously with Gartner’s prediction of a 20%+ annual upswing in IT investment within the healthcare domain, culminating in a market value of approximately THB 7 billion.”

Currently, G-Able’s array of IT solutions stands poised to facilitate the seamless transition of healthcare establishments into smart hospitals. This strategy mirrors Gartner’s counsel for senior executives in the healthcare realm to prioritise digital transformation by shaping a ‘Digital First Strategy’ for all business and managerial operations. According to Forrester’s findings, a substantial 60%-70% of in-house data remains untapped, giving rise to the concept of a ‘Data Fabric.’ This concept enhances work efficiency amid a perpetually expanding and intricate data pool. Notably, this concept dovetails with G-Able’s strategy of leveraging novel technologies and big data analytics platforms to guide businesses in data-driven decision-making. These insights enrich core business processes, services, management, budgeting, and more.

Aligned with this trajectory, G-Able is fully primed to steer the healthcare sector toward holistic smart hospital solutions. This endeavour encompasses a comprehensive suite of services:

  • Foundational Infrastructure Design and Installation: Includes data centres, IT and communication systems, and cloud-based architectures.
  • Robust Big Data Analytics: Empowers data integration, analysis, and processing to facilitate informed decision-making across administration, KPI monitoring, operations, Customer 360, and marketing.
  • Robust Security Systems: Encompasses cybersecurity, PDPA management, disaster recovery, and round-the-clock security operations centres.
  • Cutting-edge AI Processing Centres: Supports research and service enhancements, enabling advanced analyses of X-ray and MRI images for accurate disease diagnoses, as well as DNA analyses for therapeutic and vaccine advancements.
  • Healthcare Operations Centre (HOC): A data analytics hub capable of issuing timely alerts when deviations between actual hospital resource management results and plans are detected. The system additionally facilitates team coordination, hospital bed and surgery room scheduling, and near real-time patient case management through a dashboard interface.
  • Integrated Technologies for Enhanced Out-Patient Care: Highlights encompass the collaboration of the Command Centre and Smart Ambulance systems for emergency medical services. This extends to telemedicine, consultations with specialised doctors for chronic non-infectious conditions, remote patient monitoring via wearable and home devices, telesurgery enabled by robotics, and real-time high-resolution surgery imagery transmission using 5G technology.

G-Able persists in its commitment to pursue and innovate these IT solutions, with the overarching aim of unlocking the healthcare sector’s potential through nationwide implementation of smart hospital solutions. This dedication is ultimately geared towards ensuring the well-being of the Thai populace.


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